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About XML Sitemap Generator

What is sitemap generator tool?

Our XML Sitemap generator tool helps you to create XML sitemap with easy steps. The task of this tool is generating the XML sitemapof your website, which helps you to take the benefit of the Webmaster Tools and analytics in Google. You do not need any special skills for that just enter the URL of your website home page. You can also view the number of pages with broken links. This tool simplifies the procedure to creating an XML sitemap of your website, which can be used to take advantage of important tools including Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Is coding experience necessary to generate the sitemap?

No, Simply enter your website URL and select some optional thing and then hit generate sitemap button. After that, you will get TheXML file that, you need uploads in website root directory. The file consists of a number of pages, broken links, XML file content, and a link to the generated sitemap file. Then you can add your website sitemap URL like yourdomain.com/XML in your Google Webmaster account.

How to Generate Sitemap using Elk Seo sitemap creator tool?

  1. Enter your website URL and some optional parameters in the above form.
  2. After that Press “Generate Sitemap” button and wait until the site is fully crawled.
  3. After Pressing Sitemap Button, You will be redirected to the generated sitemap details page link to a sitemap file. Download thesitemap file using given a link and put it into the domain root directory of your site.
  • Go to your Webmaster account and add your sitemap URL.